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Learn More About the Medicines

Medicine is a specific drug utilized to diagnose, treat, or even prevent illness with the intent to cure, alleviate, mitigate, or protect the body. Pharmaceutical drug treatment is an essential part of the clinical practice of medicine and is based on the study of pharmacology by experts in the various fields of science. In the field of medicine, the medicine is usually described as a substance that is administered with the intention of affecting a disease state by modifying, controlling, or preventing a symptom or condition. The term “pharmaceutical” itself therefore denotes the act of preparing drugs, and the specific action and the effect it has on living organisms.

Medicines are grouped into categories based on their chemical properties, intended use or disease-preventing mechanism. Among all the categories of drugs are general and special purpose drugs. General drugs are those that can be taken to cure all types of diseases and are accessible orally. On the other hand, special purpose drugs are drugs that have a single intended purpose and are administered to treat a single symptom. Examples of such drugs are the vaccines and antibiotics.

The major groupings of medicines are therapeutic, preventive, and anti-inflammatory. Therapeutic drugs are those that are used to cure diseases or improve health by ameliorating one of their effects. Prevention drugs are those that reduce the chances of acquiring a disease by keeping the body healthy. And anti-inflammatory drugs are used to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of inflammatory diseases. These three classes of drugs are further classified into two broad groups, the alkaline and acid, with the alkaline drugs tending to neutralize the acid and the acidic drugs to neutralize the alkaline.

Isabella Daniels




December 2021